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Welcome to the home of Paint Magic
by Jennifer Sams and Michael Kramer

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removing merc 850 xs lower unit wont come off We are excited to offer the Las Vegas Valley a heritage of Faux Finishing experience. With our relationship with Russ Giorgianni, Jennifer's father, we are able to provide over 30 years of knowledge and hands on practice in creating gorgeous finishes for your home or office.

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We provide a range of styles and skills and are always creating new techniques to complete the desired look. Please visit OUR SERVICES page to view a listing of the eclectic finishes available from Paint Magic by Jennifer Sams and Michael Kramer.

parrotletsparrotlets If you would like more information, or to schedule an appointment for your FREE custom quote, please call our office at

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702.655.0333. You can also visit our CONTACT US page to complete an online form.

Thank you for choosing Paint Magic by Jennifer Sams and Michael Kramer. We look forward to working with you soon!



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